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Business Trainers

Alexandra Kapila

A commercially and politically aware Communications Consultant experienced in strategy, planning, delivery and programme management. By evaluating current strategies and practices through research, surveys and management meetings, I can lead, advise and plan successful

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Business Trainers

Frank Dolan

Frank began working in marine research before joining an offshore engineering consultancy. Following a career change he trained as a counsellor and psychotherapist and eventually became a tutor of counselling skills and theory. He

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Business Trainers

Peter Thomas

Peter started acting in the mid 50s and whilst being an extra on ‘The Infamous John Friend was spotted by Chloe Gibson who became head of TelevisEiran and given his first speaking role. Which

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Business Trainers

Sarah Hickingbottom

Sarah has spent the past decade as a business consultant and travelled the globe speaking to clients & trade conferences as a world-renowned expert in her field. More recently, she graduated as an actor

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Business Trainers

Iris Baratier

Iris trained at the Lucernaire& Frederic Jacquot drama schools. Iris made her professional debut in the play ‘L’Epreuve’ with the lead role of Angelique directed by Lina Veyrenc& a web series in Paris. Iris

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Business Trainers

Chance Gallagher

I’m chasing – not following – my dream of being an actor. Done much amateur stuff, and some professional. Won a Best Actor award in British Theatre Festival in 2012

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Business Trainers

Karen Gaynord

Karen returned to her love of acting in 2013. Since then, not only has she appeared in a number of plays, but also many film and TV productions including the BBC drama “WPC 56”

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Business Trainers

Annette Rainbow

Annette Rainbow is a Qualified NLP Master Practitioner and was trained by Performance Partnership in 2006. Annette is certified by the Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP Counselling is a “Therapy by Conversation”. NEURO

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Business Trainers

Nick James

Nick is a highly motivated Sales and Marketing Director with a proven record of developing and leading successful multi-discipline teams across multiple industries.  He is experienced in managing both satellite and office based teams

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Business Trainers

Alan Gordon

Alan Gordon MSc. BSc (Hons 1st) is a Biomechanist with a 45 year career in Exercise, Injury and Nutrition, who provides one-to-one personal fitness training as only one of his spectrum of services. Personal

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Business Trainers

Chris Zaremba

Chris Zaremba brings success in both large corporates and his own business to our team.  Until he decided to make a lifestyle change in 2011, Chris was European Sales Manager for a software firm

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Business Trainers

Paul Barrand

I worked for BT for 33yrs finishing as a Service Design Manager for BT Global Services in 2006. During that time I worked with colleagues and clients at all levels of business, and had

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Business Trainers

Duncan Williamson

Duncan Williamson started his working life as a Plant Accountant in various manufacturing concerns and in addition to creating a very successful training and educational materials development company maintains his interest in and knowledge

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Business Trainers

Lixi Chivas

From a background in safeguarding, telephone counselling and volunteer management with NSPCC ChildLine, Lixi has cultivated a skill-set encompassing creative arts and soft skill development.  Lixi regularly facilitates theatre workshops with stakeholder groups and

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Business Trainers

Simon Donohue

Being quite young (!) Simon has limited business experience largely consisting of working in promotion for a company that puts on nights in various clubs around Sheffield. Simon also worked in HMV before formally

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Business Trainers

Victor Ptak

Victor is a business development specialist his area of expertise is sales and marketing he has run a successful distribution business supplying the graphics industry and has extensive knowledge of printing and binding as

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Business Trainers

Steve Walker

Extensive NHS IT Project and Programme Management – 17 years. Currently working for Central Southern Commissioning Support Unit (CSCSU)  on: - electronic (EDT) messaging between Oxford University Hospitals (Acute Trust) and Oxon GP Practices

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