Paul Barrand

Recent performances include (2012):Played Mr Barrett a Maths Teacher in a Short Film called “Give Me Fiction” by Eavesdrop Films/Chalkstar Films  – in post-production (IMDb credit); Played Stewart an office manager in a Short Film called “Amy” – in post-production;

(2011): Played Clyde an over-protective parent in a Short Film called “The Soft Touch” by New Town Pictures – in post-production (IMDb credit);Played Bob a businessman with anger issues in a Short Film called “No Apologies” – in post-production (IMDB credit);Played Dr George Edwards a University tutor of Psychology in a thriller Feature Film called “The Mask of Sanity” by Oxford Brookes Film Productions – in post-production (IMDb credit);Played Simon Harris a villain in a Short Film called “Vicky” by Un-gnome Productions – in post-production;Played the Businessman in a Music Video for a single called “Stop-Shh-ing” by an artist called Liisa Henriksson – released on youtube 19/07/11