Valentines Plays

This page details the progress ART s making towards the final performances of the Valentine Plays series. These plays are the result of the Valentine Playwriting competition that closed on December 25th 2014. Over 70 plays were received and from these plays a shortlist of plays were selected.

Actors were auditioned for these plays and rehearsals started.

Extracts from the auditions/rehearsals are shown here:


Valentines play #1 – extracts
At the end of the first day we all met up and discussed the various plays. Extracts from the meeting are shown here.

Post audition/rehearsal interviews re Valentine Plays:

Performance dates are yet to be finalised but the evening will feature a Jeremy Kyle show parody:

Jeremy kyle show (parody)
Jeremy Kyle montage

Ultimate Political Selfie

and a host of other plays.


ART has now shortlisted the following plays:


Dead Giveaway:     Daniel Guyton

AUTHOR BIO: Daniel Guyton has won over a dozen writing awards for his plays and screenplays. He received his MFA in Dramatic Writing from the University of Georgia. He has had over 200 productions of his plays around the world, including London, LA, NY, Iceland, Canada and more. He has over 30 publications. For more information, please visit:


She Who Speaks to God May Sit in the Cool Chair    Matt Hanf

AUTHOR BIO: Matt Hanf is a nationally and internationally produced playwright who hails from the great city of Elk Grove, a suburb of Walmart.  By day he is a high school theatre teacher, illuminating kids’ lives by showing them the proper way to deliver a fart joke.  By night he writes such self proclaimed classics as “You Can’t Get a Decent Margarita at the North Pole” and Three Messiahs Walk into a Bar and trying to remember if you put quotes in titles or underline them.


Speed Play            Alex Dremann

AUTHOR BIO:  Full lengths: “Split Pea Pod” (The Brick Playhouse), “Postcoital Variations” (Philadelphia Theatre Workshop) and “The :nv:s:ble Play” (Madlab Theatre, Theatre of NOTE).  He has had over 200 productions of his short plays performed in the USA, UK, Australia, India and New Zealand.  Alex is the producing artistic director of Secret Room Theatre in Philadelphia.


No Fault                  Christian Simonsen

AUTHOR BIO: Christian Simonsen lives in San Francisco. His plays include The Genesis Project, Io: A Sequel to Prometheus Bound, Cassiopeia, The Road Less Traveled Agency, Neanderthal Tech Support, Chronus, and Dream Date. He has contributed scripts to PianoFight Productions, The San Francisco Olympians Festival, Eat Street Players,

The Darkroom, Obsidian Art Space and Please Leave the Bronx. Christian recently had his first production in the UK when his short play Multitasking was performed as part of The Pint-Sized Plays 2014 Script Slam at the Theatr Gwaun in Fishguard, Wales.


Out of Control                   Author retains anonymity

Egon Schiele                        Ciarán Myers

AUTHOR BIO: Ciarán Myers is an Irish-Canadian writer based in Edinburgh. He is completing his MFA in Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Before moving to the United Kingdom, Ciarán had a short anthology of poetry published with StoneGarden Studios in Canada. He usually directs the plays that he’s written and has been blessed to do so in Canada and in London. For a complete list of theatre credits, please take a glance at Ciarán’s website:


Adam meets Eve    Ron Burch

AUTHOR BIO:        Ron Burch lives in Los Angeles, where he is the Co-Executive Producer for DINOTRUX, a TV show for DreamWorks Animation that will be on Netflix in 2015. His plays have been performed in the UK, Seoul, New Zealand, NYC, and elsewhere; his work has been published in Smith & Kraus’s anthologies THE BEST TEN MINUTE PLAYS. He is also a published novelist and short-story writer. Please visit