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Tour de Force (by David Gregory) Other Authors

Tour de Force (by David Gregory)

The action takes place in the changing room immediately after a Lions game against Australia in 1959. David Marques is an Eton and Oxford educated Guards officer.Bill Murray is an Irish farm-hand. The game

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Divorce (by Chris Sivewright) Other Authors

Divorce (by Chris Sivewright)

Divorce…   David: So we have reduced the tax – Daily Mail headline: - rich boys gain - David: – and changed the way we treat pensioners - Daily Mail headline: – granny tax

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Gardener’s World (by Gwilym Scourfield) Other Authors

Gardener’s World (by Gwilym Scourfield)

Gardener’s World     ALEX             No time like the present. Act on instinct, that’s me.   BEATY           Oh no, not your instinct again!   ALEX             Warm day, sap rising – good time to get

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Descartes (by David Gregory) Other Authors

Descartes (by David Gregory)

I THINK THEREFORE I AM or PUTTING DESCARTES BEFORE THE FORCE SCENE: A computer lab in Cambridge University. Professor George Marchant, head of the Artificial Intelligence Department is seated at a computer terminal. Alongside

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I Felt a Shudder Other Authors

I Felt a Shudder

I Felt a Shudder The scene is a village pub. Dr. Stuart, an expert Historian from Oxford University, is sitting by himself in the corner. Joe, an ex-student of his, approaches him. Joe: Hi,

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Your Order (by Gwilym Scourfield) Other Authors

Your Order (by Gwilym Scourfield)

Your Order Waiter Thirty-Nine, … Thirty-nine out there? Low-fat cheese, lettuce and watercress on wafer….Thirty-nine! …(ASIDE TO WAITRESS) Who ordered this? Waitress Slim, blonde; in maroon Versaachi suit. Came in with elegant, bearded man

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Bird (by Catherine Comfort) Other Authors

Bird (by Catherine Comfort)

Bird John: 30s, down to earth, builder; Philip: 50s, university lecturer. SCENE: Clinic in Switzerland. Waiting room. JOHN I’ve never done this before. PHILIP It’s not exactly something one does more than once. JOHN

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