Big Issue (by Gwilym Scourfield)


Outside Randolph Hotel Oxford

Steve:        Big Issue! Big Issue!

Enter George in a hurry

GEORGE:       Sorry. In a hurry.

STEVE:        Enjoy your day, HE Exits … Mr Simkins.

STEVE:        Big Issue! Need to get into hostel. Big Issue!


GEORGE:       Did you just use my name?

GEORGE:       You were here last Thursday, weren’t you?

STEVE:        Was I?

GEORGE:       It’s just that I lost a credit card. I zoomed out of Tescos to catch the 14 and must have dropped it.

STEVE:        (beat)  You taught me. Steve Maynard.

GEORGE:       Oh my God! That Maynard! You played Bottom.

STEVE:        Still playing it!

GEORGE:       But,(beat) I heard you were up at Stratford. You were my best student ever. Brilliantly talented. (beat) Wasn’t it me that suggested? …

STEVE:        I’m not blaming anyone.

GEORGE:       I’ll take three of those, Steven.

STEVE:        Sorry.I’m right out.

GEORGE:       It was so nice seeing you again.

STEVE:        Yeah… Well..

GEORGE:       (LOOKS AT WATCH) Playhouse curtain ten minutes. See you.


STEVE:        (WATCHING HIM GO) Big Issue! Big Issue!