Directions (by Angel Igweh)


A girl is wandering around…looking for directions. It is night-time. Dark. The girl is aged 16. Location: a quiet road in America.

Angel Excuse me, excuse me!
Driver (Car slows down) You’re out late
Angel I went to a party
Driver And now you’re drunk, wanting a lift
Angel Hey, yeah, not drunk
Driver Just a little bit maybe
Angel Maybe a little bit. Can you give me a lift?
Driver How far? Where to?
Angel Just up the road
Driver Sure, hop in the back
Angel Thanks
Driver Do you have enough room
Angel Yeah, I’m fine
Driver You can move that rug if you wish
Angel No, I’ll leave it there
Driver I think I know a quick way to get to where you want to go. I also think you’re drunk, very drunk
Angel I told you I am fine – oh there’s my friend. Stop please I’ll get a  lift from her
Driver I know you’re drunk because you’re not seeing straight. I know it’s dark but…
Angel I told you I am not drunk. I am going to catch a lift from my friend.
Driver And I said you could not see straight – you haven’t even recognised your Father…