Lily Savage Never Dies (by Penny Thomson)


Carol – female 30’s, Dot – Carol’s Mum 50’s – Set in Carol’s kitchen early afternoon

DOT Cooee! Carol, I’m here.
CAROL Oh, Hi Mum – just time for a cuppa before we collect Henry from school.
DOT How’s my favourite grandson then?
CAROL Oh fine – though we had a bit of a mix-up yesterday.
DOT Really, what?
CAROL Well yesterday he went to Matthew’s for tea, then later at bedtime he said “Mummy – what’s suicide?”

I asked where he’d heard it and he said that Matthew’s Mummy and Elliot’s Mummy were talking about me and they said it and laughed.

DOT You?
CAROL I just made light of it with Henry and then when I got downstairs I rang Matthew’s Mum to ask what she thought she was doing. Using such language in front of a seven-year-old. And what the hell it was about.
DOT And?
CAROL At first she hadn’t the slightest idea what I was on about, then she began to laugh.
DOT I don’t think it’s funny.
CAROL Nor did I.
DOT Whatever were they saying?
CAROL Well you know I’ve gone blonde?
DOT Of course – not sure I like it though..
CAROL Not you as well. Anyway to get back to Henry – apparently they were talking about how it looks.
DOT What?
CAROL My hair. Then Elliot’s Mum said “Suicide” and they both laughed.
DOT What? I don’t get it.
DOT Neither did I – she had to explain it.

It’s a Lily Savage phrase.

She meant – dyed by her own hand.