Tomatoes (by Angel Igweh)


The scene is Heathrow. George, a Father, is going to fly out to meet his pregnant daughter. Gladys is the Check-in Attendant

Gladys Welcome to Heathrow
George What do I do with my luggage?
Gladys I will weigh it
George It is probably very heavy
Gladys We’ll find out won’t we
George I have a lot of tins in there
Gladys Tins of what?
George Tomatoes…
Gladys You won’t be allowed to take them in…
George …for my daughter – she’s pregnant
Gladys That doesn’t change anything
George It will change her life! She’s pregnant I say…
Gladys That still doesn’t change anything
George All she does is eat tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes…
Gladys You’ll have to buy tomatoes when you get to her country
George They have none
Gladys She’’’ have to eat something else
George You have no heart
Gladys It’s the rules
George Rules can be broken – it’s for the baby
Gladys I don’t care
George That’s because you’re a man
Gladys What’s that got to do with anything
George Everything…