ART and the community – Introduction

Almost Random Theatre was formed in 2012. The sole aim was to produce a variety of different events that were broadly to do with the Entertainment industry. Therefore in the past three years we have:

  • Run drama courses at schools
  • Put on plays in London and Oxford
  • Been to Czech Republic and Poland
  • Published plays and sold to schools
  • Run business theatre seminars for businesses
  • Run play-writing competitions

With the exception of the Business Theatre, none of the above were for profit. Our aim throughout has been to have fun, explore new ventures and to involve the community as much as possible. That is why – sometimes – our plays are put on for free (therefore we make a loss as we have to pay for the hire of premises). We have also visited schools for free (if they pay petrol).

Art has also invested in a number of other crowdfunding ventures.