ART/Founder of ART has invested in the following projects. Some of them are still live so you may like to invest in them too!

Be warned though.

ART did not always receive the promised reward/incentive for our money. In some cases the reward just never came, in others we are still waiting as delivery has been ‘delayed’. But that’s not really why we invested.

We invested in various projects because they were interesting, helped society etc or it just ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’.

In general the projects fit under:

  • Books
  • Education
  • Films
  • Helping the elderly
  • Homelessness
  • Mental health
  • Theatre

ART has also crowdfunded (albeit unsuccessfully) You are reminded of our  PROMISES. Should you ever wish to be involved in what we do.


The projects/charities we have helped may be viewed by clicking one of the following buttons:


Kick Starter

simple Mind

Simple Mind is a psychological horror, set in ‘A day in the life’ style. We’re aiming to raise awareness and give mental illness a voice through our protagonist, Ellis Hughes.

Ellis is a 22 year old, battling against depression and anxiety that is getting in the way of his everyday life. Through our production ‘Simple Mind’, we’re going to show how mental illness can effect even the smallest aspects of your day.

The money donated will be our budget, which will be put towards fuel and props. Once we reach our goal of £100, we’ll donate any remaining money to Samaritans, a 24 hour service, 365 days of the year that anyone can ring should they need someone to talk to.

somewhere off the m6

Somewhere Off the M6 is a short independent film directed by Huw Brentnall, co-written by Lawrence Camm and Huw, produced by Augustin Hardy, and starring Wynne Maxwell and Kimberley Jarvis. You can watch a short teaser trailer for the film above.

“In the empty lobby of a travel lodge somewhere off the M6, Ian approaches a younger woman with adulterous intentions. As their conversation unfolds, he comes to suspect that she isn’t all that she might seem.”

The team are looking to raise the funds to submit M6 to several BAFTA qualifying festivals and raise awareness of the project generally.

the code

As a filmmaker, my number one goal is to transport the viewer to another time. A place where they are drawn into a story they never expected and hopefully come away with a sense that the film had the ability to stay with them long after viewing. For ‘The Code’ I want to create a film that really engages the audience, a powerful heartfelt story that would keep the audience not only on the edge of their seat but also emotionally attached and invested in the characters. The film has an atmosphere of ‘Band of Brothers’ ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘Saving Private Ryan’.

We have a proven track record with film success and crowd funding. For the past 3 years we have created and produced 5 successful crowd funding campaigns, all films reached their targets and all crown funded films enjoyed success. Most recently our science fiction film ‘Human’ which ran a crowd fund campaign in 2015, it’s target amount. We made the film and it has already won close to 10 major film festival awards, has featured in close to 25 official selections and has only been on the festival circuit for around 4 months – the film still has 4 months of festivals to potentially attend and win at. I pride myself on making the best films I possibly can and showing the backers that not only their backing helped create a very well established and critically acclaimed film but that they are part of that project, that they are able to be part of that films success with us. I have been a huge film fan since a very early age, I have been fascinated with film and how it can take you on a journey. The Code is a film which combines all the things I love about film: It’s ability to make the audience think, question characters decisions and to create a very immersive viewing experience. We have been extremely fortunate to have an absolutely wonderful cast on board this exciting new project who all share my believe that we can create something truly special.

worlds most

This project sets out to make 8 films, each 5-7 minutes long, with a further 8 planned if we are able to raise the stretch budget!

Each film will be targeted specifically towards young people (6–18 years old, but of interest to people of all ages) and will showcase a different group of the world’s most spectacular plants, as well as explain how suitable species can be grown at home, safely and legally.

We want to inspire passion and interest in young people for the natural world. By introducing them to the world’s most spectacular plants, we hope to encourage young people and even older folk away from computer screens and into the garden, greenhouse and terrarium where they can fall in love with plants and be inspired to learn about nature, science and conservation.

Every penny raised here will be used to create this web-series of films; the more we can raise, the greater the number of films that we can make and the better they will be!

How many times have you heard that “young people only care about computer games and social media and aren’t interested in the great outdoors”? Well it’s time to change that!

This project really matters – never before have young people been so disconnected from nature, but never has a passion for wildlife and conservation been so vital!

The films we create will be a free online resource available to everyone to watch and enjoy. We hope they will be particularly useful to schools and educators across the planet!

The target age group of 6–18 might seem like a broad category, but we will make each film engaging, entertaining, enthusiastic and informative. Each subject will be treated sensibly and with passion, and we believe this will capture the interest of young people of all backgrounds and ages.


If you had asked me four years ago whether I would or could ever be vegetarian (let alone vegan), ashamedly, I probably would have laughed in your face. After years of food obsession growing up and worshipping meat at every meal, I made some discoveries and changed my perception on what I was putting in to my body. People make these kinds of decisions for a tonne of different reasons, but for me personally, if you can save lives, help reduce the severe damage to the planet and explore a whole new world of exciting food, it’s a no-brainer! Eating a healthy plant-based diet also comes with a wide range of health benefits, such as; lower cholesterol, improved blood sugar levels, lower rates of cancer, and a big draw for a lot of people, weight loss. I personally have never felt better!

adams family

As someone who is a huge fan of real ale and craft beer I decided to take the plunge into making my own beers and so began with a small kit bought as a Christmas present by my lovely girlfriend. I instantly became addicted to the process and the immensely exciting possibilities of the limitless types and flavour combinations that could be made and before long I was making my own beers on a weekly basis with a massive success rate. I have had so much positive feedback from people telling me that I should sell my creations and it’s only recently that I decided to go for it. I’m already self-employed from home so this will be a home setup so all beers will be brewed in small batches and with my constant supervision to make sure they are all as fantastic as I can possibly make them. I’ll initially be hoping to make four or five key beers with seasonal beers being something (I’ve currently just made four different Christmas stouts and a Christmas English pale ale for example). I’m also going to be setting up a website where people can buy from and also am hoping to have a reviews page as well as a suggestions/requests page for people to put forward ideas of what sort of beers they’d like to see in future.

All my beers are going to have horror film themed names and labels as this incorporates my other main passion into it and will give a consistency and theme to them. For the most part my beers will come in 500ml bottle form and will be available from the website as well as (hopefully) some local establishments at first before hopefully branching out to a wider audience in the north west


under tight skin

“Depression, anxiety and identity crisis, are not something very well represented within cinema. It’s something many people do not understand and do not want to talk about. I’m Junior Day. A 17 year old filmmaker who is just finishing college. I want to create a discussion through the medium of film and cinema. I want to break the stigma.

I myself struggle with identity. Sometimes I barely know who I am, and many of my friends are at a constant battle with depression and anxiety. We tend to loose our voices and become voiceless because it’s not as simple to call for help. This campaign will fund a short film that I hope to reach many depressed, anxious and identity struggling teenagers across Europe, to say there is a voice for us and there is a discussion happening. We can break the stigma and we can get through it together. Film is a medium that everyone can access and enjoy, and I feel it is the correct platform to send such a message. And I can only do it with your help.”

all the worlds stage


All The World’s A Stage is about an actor who loses his sense of identity and feels he can no longer perform.

Due to this loss, he decides to quit the play he is the star of – with devastating consequences.


Suicide is an issue which affects us all, whether directly or indirectly. Yet, it’s a subject which is all-too-often overlooked and rarely discussed. Did you know that suicide is the largest cause of death for people under the age of 35 in the UK? If you didn’t know… why not?

We’re making this film because this issue is bigger than us.

We dedicate this to those we have known and loved and lost.

We want to open up the conversation around suicide. After all, awareness is the first step to prevention and this film aims to highlight that.

We are using a narrative based on a poem that is metaphorical and surreal. This allows us to explore the subject in a way that is more accessible and less intimidating. There’s a heavy focus on the human experience rather than the triggering events. This will be mirrored in the ethereal cinematography and artistic design of the film, examples of which are demonstrated in our crowdfunding video.

This is an ambitious project, but as it’s such a universal issue we are hoping that with your support we can create a compelling film to ignite this dialogue.

torchlight ststems

About Torchlight and the Practice Cards

An experienced writer and editor, Kevin Braddock made Torchlight and the Practice Cards after suffering a major depressive episode in 2014. At the brink of suicide one day he asked for help, help came and he began slowly to recover. Guessing that speaking openly about breakdown, recovery, depression, and anxiety might help others deal with these problems, he decided to publish about his experiences and share the practices he learned. After Kevin’s story was picked up by Observer magazine, the first edition of Torchlight & the Practice Cards (designed by Enver Hadzijaj) sold out within a week. Most recently Laura Davis joined the team as business strategist, and along with our network of collaborators we share a vision of using these products as new ways of people to ask for help, tell stories and share their recovery practices.

the good neighbour

Award-winning filmmakers Jonathan Reid-Edwards and Kate Tuck have shot their first feature film and need your help to finish it. The Good Neighbour is an ambitious story about a young woman coming to terms with her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis as she harbors a fugitive from another world. A true independent film, it was privately financed and shot under their Black House Pictures banner. With your help it’ll get a sumptuous score, VFX, and a chance for distribution with festival screenings.

Piano hi Lite

Piano Hi-Lite is the first plug-and-play LED strip that can help anyone start playing piano in minutes. ✅ Fits any standard 88-keys, installation free ✅ Synthesia & MIDI supported ✅ Free app with 3,000+songs ✅ Ideal for beginners, returners, and advanced players. ✅ Learning technique validated by 200,000+ users worldwide (3-79 age range) Learning piano has never been easier!

Romeo and juliet

Making Oxford a Better Place for Theatre

Oxford has a lot of great theatre but, for the most part, it either comes from am-dram groups or touring companies. Here’s :a few way in which we hope to help with this situation and how your pledges can make this possible:

· We intend to ensure that our actors are fairly rewarded for the work they do for us. Whenever possible this is done through giving 60-70% of our profits from productions to the cast.

· Making theatre more accessible to the public. This covers everything from taking our shows to people that don’t normally have the chance to go to the theatre, to making difficult texts, like Shakespeare, easier for people to follow and understand.

· We always promise to provide our audiences with the highest quality or production that our means will allow.

· We cast our actors based on talent alone. We don’t care about experience or degrees. If we feel that you’re right for the part then it’s yours.

the mindspace

The Mindspace is a new interactive performance, plunging the audience into a human mind. As investors in ‘Morpheus Industries’, the audience steps into a representation of a patient’s mind, attempting to fix psychological neuroses, fears, and psychoses. But how will they choose to do that? Will they agree with the morality of the procedure? And what happens when they start making their own choices?

This show presents the audience with an open-ended narrative: through the choices the audience makes, and the way they interact with the characters, the story may progress in extremely different directions.

Will the mind ever be fixed? The choice is up to you!

fighting wild

Short Summary

We are very excited about this film and hope you will be too.

· Fighting Wild is a heartfelt story of struggle between a washed up boxer and his 9 year old daughter. Tony Wild must discover the true meaning of fatherhood before it’s too late.

· A wide spectrum of viewers will relate to this story and the struggles of everyday life, being it financial troubles or single parenting. We fight tooth and nail for the ones we love, but sometimes we need to change our tactics or we can end up doing more harm than good.

· We have already invested our lot of our own time and money into the pre-production stage and need your help with the main parts of production.

· Your investment will enable us to move forward with filming and create a powerful and compelling film. Telling the story how it deserves to be told.


NeuroTherapeutic Yoga DVD

Hi Everyone,

My name is Colleen Carroll, and I am launching this campaign to complete production on my DVD NeuroTherapeutic Yoga. The yoga sequences in the DVD are tailored specifically for anyone who, because of age or particular condition, can benefit from a safe and appropriate yoga exercise routine. My production team and I are confident that this product, based on the evidence from classical yoga and my 20 years as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, will improve quality of life for those who use it.

Thank you, we can’t wait to welcome you to the NeuroTherapeutic community!

Colleen Carroll, Certified and Registered Yoga Therapist & SoundYogaStudio Productions

This goal is achievable!

The DVD is complete, and only needs funding for production costs, design and distribution. We are very proud of the project, and can’t wait to be able to offer it to the many people who are otherwise unable to thrive from the healing modality of yoga.

Your purchase is wide-reaching

· You benefit by pre-ordering for yourself or a loved one.

· You bring this DVD into the home of someone who needs it.

· You broaden the scope of our project to include health care facilities, retirement communities and rehabilitation practices.

What NTY students and supporters say:

As a neurologist and yoga practitioner, I have been aware of the utility of yoga for my patients with Parkinson’s disease (as well as other neurological disorders). Finally we have a local yoga expert that can provide this service to our community. I welcome Colleen whom I have had the pleasure to work with. Lorne S.Label, MD,MBA Your Yoga class stands shoulder to shoulder with my doctors and medications in my efforts to combat this disease. Yoga can lift me up when I’m feeling down and I’m sure others before me feel the same. B.S. We leave each session feeling greatly relaxed and more optimistic, lasting even long after class. The three of us look forward to your yoga sessions and find that it benefits each of us tremendously. S.S. I credit my my balance, dexterity, strength, calm and endurance in my daily living to Ms. Carroll’s inspiring, individualized teaching. D.S.

I appreciate your competence, dedication, and the “light” of yoga that inspired me and those of our community that have been supported by your teachings. J.G. Thank you for a lovely experience. I didn’t expect so much Yoga sitting in a chair. S.C. When my doctor diagnosed my symptoms as early onset Parkinson’s, one of the recommendations he made was YOGA. I didn’t know Yoga from yoghurt! Now yoga not only makes me feel better physically, it makes me feel better mentally, (and) has added value to the quality of our lives far beyond any expectation I had. M.R. (NeuroTherapeutic Yoga) is amazingly powerful, with such simple movements and breathing exercises. I get completely energized. Colleen is a gifted teacher and has made a tremendous difference in my life. L.S. The biggest impact has been on my breathing . . . my posture, expanding my range of motion and finding balance from the internal strengths yoga therapy has nurtured in me. L.M.

Crowd Funder

give a girl education

Project aim

Fundraising for 16 year old Amber to access further education from home as her mental health issues rule out college. She’s not giving up.


The Story:

Like many Jamaicans in the 1960s, Jimmy and his family move to South London with the promise of a better life. Jimmy finds growing up in the capital hard, experiencing prejudice because of his race, which results in a troubled and rebellious adolescence.

Lured by the idea of camaraderie and the chance to prove himself by fighting for his adopted country, Jimmy joins the British army without the knowledge of his family. Stationed in Belfast in 1972, Jimmy finds himself in the midst of the Troubles. Patrolling the streets of Belfast, he forges relationships with the other young men in his battalion, finally feeling accepted.

But as he witnesses the conflict around him, Jimmy questions his place in it, and wonders if he is doing the right thing.


The Plan

Nobody likes paying over the odds at a festival for a plastic bottle full of flavoured water posing as lager… Let’s face it, craft beer is better, right?

I am an amateur brewer who has been working for the past 7 years on honing my skills in a garage come brewspace. I love beer, both the drinking and the making of it. In the past I’ve also dabbled in pressing cider from foraged apples and made a plethora of wild wines from foraged fruit and flower blossoms. I know brewing!

What better way to showcase The Obnoxious Brewery, than to take it on the road and provide a viable alternative to the mainstream ales at events?

Now the idea isn’t a new one, convert a van to sell beer, rock up to an event and serve happy people… but this time there’s a spin on that formula. The beer seved from The Obnoxious Beer Bus will be lovingly crafted by the people selling said beer… the only exception to this formula will be in the serving of chilled wine, which is sourced from local and national craft brewers.

It’s all about the craft!


chris sivewright

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I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.