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ART/Founder of ART has invested in the following projects. Some of them are still live so you may like to invest in them too! Be warned though. ART did not always receive the promised reward/incentive for our money. Nonetheless you are reminded of our PROMISES.

Raymond’s 5 – Feature Film

About the Project:

A motivational dramedy featuring “Raymond”, a man who is told that he has only 30 days left to live. After learning this devastating news, he sets out on a journey of redemption that takes him to the furthest reaches of Britain as he searches for the five people he has wronged the most.

Raymond’s voyage of self-discovery entangles him in the lives of others, leading him to question his own life, and where his story will take him. Friends, family and an unexpected social media sensation leads Raymond in a direction that he could hardly have dreamed.

Art Theefe, Debut Album
Art Theefe, Debut Album by Matt Sage — Kickstarter 2015-10-19 16-19-57

About the Project:

We are a three-piece band from Oxford, England, and are in the final stages of recording our debut album.

Almost all of the work is complete, with nearly everything written and recorded, and all of it sounding properly amazing! And we now need your help to get it all finished.

Art Theefe, Debut Album by Matt Sage — Kickstarter 2015-10-19 16-19-57

About the Project:

Support the initial run of RE:Home by Anna Jordan, a groundbreaking new play about regeneration, community and the London housing crisis, and get a selection of limited gifts as a thank you including signed plays with personal dedications from some of the UK’s top playwrights including Caryl Churchill, Timberlake Wertenbaker and Nick Payne, valuable wine references by Jancis Robinson and a three course meal at River Café.Read more

Art Theefe, Debut Album by Matt Sage — Kickstarter 2015-10-19 16-19-57

About the Project:

We have an award-winning Danish play, now we just need a bathroom set to perform it in. Spend a penny to help us build the set!

Helmer Hardcore is the electrifying modern day sequel to Ibsen’s classic A Doll’s House (which we are also performing!). Solely set in Helmer’s bathroom this gripping Scandinavian drama cuts to the heart of the human condition.

Nora, the main character of A Doll’s House, leaves her husband Helmer at the end of the play (Ooops, spoilers!). Over the years, much has been written about what happened to Nora …

“But what about Helmer? Did he just sit in a corner feeling ashamed for the next hundred years or did he become a happier, wilder and greedier man after Nora left him. Helmer Hardcore is the modern-day story of how Helmer went amok once the door had shut behind Nora.” (Jakob Weis).Read more

About the Project:

Onist is a healthy, socially-responsible food brand that you can trust. Our healthy avocado choc pots are made from only six naturally delicious and nutritious ingredients; avocados, dates, cashew nuts, cocoa powder, mineral water and natural flavourings. All ingredients are organically sourced and fair trade accredited. No added sugars, no added nasties. For every pot of Onist you buy, you are buying a healthy breakfast for a child in need. So when you buy one, you give one. Simple.Read more

About the Project:

Regimen is a psychological romance short piece. The film talks about how a young widower called AJ Bobby Dawson is trying to move on with his life with new girl Dannii Wells. He does this by attempting to do the usual routine of tasks he used to do for his deceased wife Tina, such as: cook dinner, have moments dancing together and pampering each other with massages. However during his date with Dannii, flashes, memories and the sins of Tina begin to resurface that he finds himself unable to comply. Even after he’s told Dannii about his past, he still struggles to get any peace. Dannii then offers to do his usual routine for him, in order to help him relax and calm himself, and once he’s at ease, we then discover Dannii doesn’t exist to the world, only to him.

About the Project:

Being good. Tricky isn’t it. What with at least 34 dictionary definitions of the word, which version do you pick? Satisfactory or outstanding? Well-behaved or accomplished? Moral or gratifying?

I’ve tried them all. Taken myself to church, tried to become a princess, even an international sportstar. And as for training to be an ideal girlfriend….let’s not even go there. None of them turned out the way I hoped.

So I wrote a show about it. A poetry/storytelling theatrical type of show. Last year I took an early version to the Edinburgh Fringe (okay, it was the nineteenth draft, but as you may have gathered, I tend to go a touch overboard in the ‘trying’ stakes.) It got a fantastic reception and some lovely (4 and 5 star) reviews. Here’s a couple, and you can read more in the testimonials bit.Read more

About the Project:

Passing Clouds!

“Eastern Promises meets Kill Bill”

” a tough and powerful story about human trafficking, revenge, love and survival.”
And while you’re here treat yourself with one of the amazing perks like soundtracks, DVD copies of the film or joining us on the set or at the Red Carpet screening party in London.

Dear potential backer,

thanks for stopping by. I live to tell stories with meaningful content and beautiful cinematography and you can help make this happen.Read more

About the Project:

This Kickstarter is to help fund for new equipment for my clubs drama classes. I run a study club where my kids are taught about art, science, maths, history and drama, and during the summer holidays we do a film project.

This Kickstarter is to fund our up and coming film project during the summer holidays. We need camera equipment, costumes, make up and the money to rent locations.

This project is vital to some of my students because they want to aspire to be actors and they need real life experience enabling them to show their experience on CVs to college and help their acting skills mature.

We also hope to put the videos on-line as a web series. Each episode will be a different story and different genres all designed by the children as seen below.Read more

About the Project:

When aliens invade Earth, three friends- Scott, Alice and Ryan- find themselves trapped in the city, their lives torn apart. Can they escape, and reach safety? Meanwhile, in Scotland, scientists Michael and Steve attempt to figure out why the aliens are on Earth. And how will the Prime Minister lead his country and its people in their greatest time of need?

Here on Contact 4:12, we are planning to create an alien invasion film with a difference. For starters, the film revolves around three young adults; they aren’t soldiers, they’re not superheroes, they don’t know how to use a gun. They are just ordinary people, nothing special about them. Contact 4:12 focuses on the emotions they go through under these extreme circumstances. Also, the aliens themselves are based on the idea of ‘Homo novus’, meaning New Man in Latin. So they may not be as different from us as we think.

About the Project:

Forbear! is a brand new theatre company created for the purpose of bringing together performers from different disciplines to make exciting dynamic work. My first production is a Gilbert and Sullivan show, Ruddigore. Forbear will mount productions from modern theatre to operetta, but G&S will be a part of its DNA, and we’ll produce at least one G&S show per year. In order to create the best, most innovative theatre, performers need to feel safe in the rehearsal room, and be able to take care of themselves outside it. This means they need to have a positive working environment and be paid a living wage for what is rewarding but extremely physical and demanding work. For this to be possible, Forbear must be a money-making enterprise, but one that puts compassion and creativity at the centre. I believe the industry needs to move in this direction and your financial contribution will help this change begin with Forbear! Making a theatre company is not one big job, but 5,000 little ones. The first show is cast, rehearsals are underway, and the theatre is booked. Whatever you can contribute to the first show will smooth the ground and production process for thewonderful team we’ve assembled. If all you can do is spread the word, we’re grateful!

About the Project:

We are three women with a background and experience in theatre and music, who are all currently employed within mental health charities in Oxford.

We all have an understanding and interest in the social function of theatre, and in view of this, we plan to develop a production of a musical called ‘Songs for a new World’, by Jason Robert Brown: A musical which is meaningful to all of us, and which is powerful in it’s portrayal of the mental health struggles which many of us face.

Songs for a new world is a brave modern musical where each song is a world in itself; exploring layers of human experience, emotion and expression.

About the Project:

WRITE/OFF exists to facilitate experimental and relevant writing. We set genres, voices, and opinions from all the corners of the planet against one another. Each week, a guest editor will instigate a debate amongst two writers. The writers can respond in whatever genre, voice, and style they like. For one week, audiences are able to rate the writing. There is no winner, but plenty of competition. We believe that writing should be radical, and current. Creativity comes with an ethos.

About the Project:

For many years, Chris Matthewman, a founder and director of LAMPS has been writing, producing and performing family friendly, seeker friendly material and events for schools and churches up and down the UK

Up until this point, these have mostly been one-man shows and although he has enjoyed travelling and performing as a solo act, he is also a great believer in the power and benefits of a team.

In 2012, Chris had a vision for forming a band of writers, musicians and other arty types, who would re-tell the stories of God’s love and redemption through performance, poetry and modern-day parable.

For two years a growing group of artists have been planning and praying and they have now come together under the banner of LAMPS.Read more

About the Project:

Oxage is a new written three part play, a mythical, magical world, similar yet more innocent than ours, on the brink of being torn apart by greed. Yet those with the power to inflict real change, have still to realise their potential.

Welcome to the world of Oxage. Set amongst the city of dreaming spires.Oxage is a trilogy of plays, written by new playwright Laura Boone. Tickets to the play can be found onWe got

If everyone who visits this site put as little as £1 in we will be able to raise our goal quicker. If you not from Oxford, tokens can be negotiable.Read more

About the Project:

Five year-old Esme Davison-Hoult lives with her family in Wendover. She is a small girl with a big problem, she has a lot to say, but at the moment we can’t hear it.

Esme developed normally until the age of two, but then Rett Syndrome set in. Rett sufferers have a gradual loss of control over their movements, and eventually the only part of the body that can be moved under control is the eyes. Despite the failing body, brain development is normal in those with Rett. Read more

About the Project:

Under Construction Theatre have created a new piece of performance which we would really like to develop in to a fully fledged touring theatre tent to take to community festivals and events in 2015.

Two Story Tailors have travelled from afar bringing with them a tent of theatrical “wears”. They have dressed every character you have ever heard of; from the Queen of Hearts to Rumplestiltskin. They tell stories of old, gathered across time, but they are tired of these and need some new stories to tell. They need muses – people to dress up in their “wears” to give them inspiration for some new tales and characters.

Our space offers audiences the chance to play and invent stories alongside a duo of professional actors. Families and friends are encouraged to dress up together, with costumes from our rails that can fit over their own clothes, such as cloaks and hats and scarves, and other playful props – e.g. a pair of enchanted deer antlers, a shield that gives the holder a newfound consternation, a cursed mirror that turns the onlooker to sleep, or a pair of shoes that prevents the wearer from ever stopping dancing.Read more

About the Project:

The Wrong Goodbye is the story of how one man gives up his career as a surgeon to become the sole carer to his older brother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.

This film is based on my own play of the same title. So why am I making it into a film? Well, the idea was put to me by Cathy Baldwin of the Alzheimer’s Society after she had read the play. She said that if such a film were to be made, Alzheimer’s Society could use it to help train carers of those living with dementia and to raise awareness of Azheimer’s and dementia.

So, I put out a casting call on three of the UK’s biggest casting sites. The response was overwhelming. Not only were the actors attracted to the interesting roles in the script, they genuinely wanted to be a part of what they felt was an important film. Three weeks later, after countless auditions, I had a cast and crew that I knew could turn my stage play into a film worthy of the subject matter and the medium.Read more

About the Project:

This book is aimed all the brilliant people out there who struggle with self-promotion – either through shyness, introversion or a mistrust of marketing itself. I hit that wall myself from time to time – so this is book written from experience – not another jargon filled marketing book that focusses only on social media.

I understand the impact that shyness, introversion or lack of confidence can have on your ability to get out there and promote yourself. To get to the point of talking to large live audiences, writing for national magazines, and blogging for a few major websites I’ve had to struggle with these things myself – not only in overcoming my own self- limiting beliefs, but also in overcoming the well-meaning critical questioning of others.Read more

About the Project:

Positive Vibes Crew – Short Summary

We are Positive Vibes Crew, an energetic two man collective of artists:

Shaun Michael – Rapper/Vocalist/MC/DJ.

Shumba Youth – Vocalist/MC/DJ.

Our music is inspired by music of the african diaspora i.e. reggae, dancehall, jungle, dub, dubstep and hip hop.

Artists in our own rights, we came together initially to put on events as we realised that in our local area of Oxford there was not much opportunity for local acts to be put on, we then began “Positive Vibes” events in 2011. A year later, we were given the opportunity to start taking bookings together in London and over the UK, and from there we went forward! With the help of Daddy Nature who invited us to guest on DejaVuFM in London and later gave us a string of bookings with Rompas Reggae Shack. From there we went on to perform alongside the likes of Julian Marley, Channel One, Gappy Ranks, Marvellous Cain, Dub Pistols and High Contrast. Eventually, we were able to play in Europe, in Poland, Ibiza, Italy & Germany respectively.Read more

About the Project:

We’re making a farcical comedy feature film called ‘The Confusion of Tongues’ based in Birmingham UK. What makes this project special is the fact that it will be filmed and edited in 72 hours, commencing on Thursday 17th July at 9AM then finishing at 9AM on Sunday 20th. It will then be screened in the largest cinema screen in Birmingham, ‘The Giant Screen’ on the Sunday night.

What many people call the ‘pre-production’ is done beforehand, but the ‘production’ and the ‘post-production’ are squeezed into those three days. The process aims to inspire filmmakers, encourage collaboration and demystify the production process. Instead of working on a short film individually, in competition with other filmmakers, this project asks filmmakers to work together to create something that no person could achieve alone. It is an empowering process. Why would we do this?Read more

About the Project:

This project (working title WRETCH) is a new play that was inspired by three months of interviews at a day centre in the East End of London for the homeless and vulnerably housed.

We interviewed women who had experienced homelessness about their priorities, hopes, fears and dreams: about their early years, their current circumstances and their imagined old age. What emerged was a shared optimism over the potential for a better life, a desire to be useful and to be part of a community – but at the same time a sense of being trapped in a political and social system that made it hard to move forwards.Read more

About the Project:

Our goal with this production is two fold.

The first is to provide paying work to local talent, of which there is currently little. With this we hope that in turn we will be able to produce high quality theatre.

The second is to take well loved shows to areas where people may not be able to get to the bigger theatres in the city. This includes everyone from the elderly to those that work too late to make it into the city.

This company is run by actors for actors and is currently being funded out of the pockets of the volunteers that work with us.

By funding this project you will be helping us with this goal to bring high quality theatre to people all over the county.

About the Project:

Floating Lantern productions is an independent company created by myself to support my final year major project at university. I am an aspiring director/cinematographer studying media production at university.

This campaign is to raise fund to create a short film for my final year project, which is equivalent to a dissertation in less practical courses. I am creating a short film in the science fiction genre about the rise of smartphone technology and social media, and the ways in which it could affect society in the future. Sci-Fi is my favourite genre and the recent rise of smarphones and the ever-expanding world of social media seem like the perfect topic to create a film about.

About the Project:

Mistaken is a one-man show starring William McGeough, written and directed by Nick Myles. It explores sexuality, gender, and modern relationships, from the murky waters of male bonding to small town homophobia, and with secrets ranging from the daily torment of depression to the shadowy borders of sexual consent. The show is a funny, moving, and above all truthful look at how easy it is for ordinary people to go off the rails. The characters are over-enthusiastic footie fan Lee, nervous northerner Edgar, angry salesman Peter, and suicidal life coach Natasha.

After sold-out performances at the Etcetera Theatre last year, we’re taking Mistaken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, with the aim of exposing the show to a wider audience and attracting some industry attention.

We’re performing at C Venues Nova in the heart of Edinburgh, for the whole of the festival (5-31 August).

About the Project:

Founded in 2007, OnStage creates original theater that explores the stories and issues of our community. Our ensemble—all over 55—perform in theaters, libraries, schools, conferences, hospitals, senior centers, and senior communities, generating delight, insight, and affirmation about senior memories and experience.

About the Project:

“We will be leading you on a rather strange journey. There is no need to be alarmed in any fashion, for what I’m about to show you is a world that is much the same as yours.”

About the Project:

Who’s the girl?

The girl is me. My name is Amber Kirk- Ford, I’m 16 and I really need your help. Three years ago I developed several illnesses overnight: Chronic Anxiety & Panic Disorder, along with Emetophobia and Agoraphobia. Suddenly, I couldn’t go to school or places with my family. I couldn’t even hang out with friends. I went from being carefree and independent to becoming a constant burden on everyone around me. In short, it was devastating.

What happened next?

After lengthy meetings with my school and various solutions tried and failed, we began to think about home education. I’d been home educated when I was much younger and it was a success, but this time I was about to start my GCSEs and we all agreed that I needed qualified teachers. That’s when we discovered InterHigh.

Therapeutic poetry workshops for senior citizens

About the Project:

As a published poet I understand how poetry can help recall the smallest details of one’s life. By conducting the therapeutic poetry workshops for senior citizens I help them view their lives in a positive and constructive way.

The aim of this project is to offer nursing homes throughout Berkshire and beyond the workshops free-of-charge and on a full-time basis. At the moment I am only able to offer it to them in my spare time.

I visit senior citizens in their nursing homes and as a group I engage them in poetry through a number of workshops I have written especially for this field.

At first they are a little wary of me and some are in physical pain and some have severe memory loss. Within a short space of time they are absorbed in the discussions we have about them, their lives and their memories.

I make notes throughout the workshops and then present them at the next session with poems they have helped to write.

You can view their work and read testimonials by clicking on the link below.

About the Project:

1924: Famous scholar and occultist Harley Warren disappears under mysterious circumstances. His closest friend and colleague, Randolph Carter, is arrested for his murder. Upon questioning, Carter relates a tale of their work together: a search for the impossible, an exploration into the unknown, and a quest which opens a door to a world of mystery, intrigue, obsession, and horror.

Based on ‘The Statement of Randolph Carter’ by H. P. Lovecraft, What Became of Harley Warren?is a new play devised and written by Re:Conception Theatre. Expanding the short story to a full-length play, and using Lovecraft’s writings as further influence, the show follows the story of two men delving into a disturbing world of the supernatural in search of something that will change our understanding of life and death

About the Project:

The Story So Far

The Ultimate Picture Palace is one of the few UK independent cinemas still in private ownership. We receive no funding from the Arts Council, the BFI, the Lottery or any other body. We have a commitment to screening independent, classic and foreign language films. We book films directly with the distributors ourselves.

In April 2011, the cinema came under new ownership and the much needed project to update and restore East Oxford’s much loved Art Deco treasure. Without funding, and winning an Oxford Preservation Trust Award for the outside lighting along the way, we:

  • started by replacing the sound system and installing a digital projector (while managing to keep the 35mm too);
  • fixed up the outside and added some lights (so that people would know we were open);
  • ripped out the old, dilapidated washrooms and added a much needed second cubicle in the ladies;
  • addressed a major damp issue along one flank of the cinema and, once the dust had settled, redecorated the auditorium.

Read more

About the Project:

MyYogaPro is an an online yoga program that combines 16 in-depth yoga video courses with a cool way to track your progress, earn rewards for your achievements and interact with other yogis on your journey. MyYogaPro puts YOU in control of your practice, wherever you are