Cinema, Theater and Depression

Cinema Theatre and depression


Depression is a major problem in today’s stressed society, in particular among the young as social media allows instant comparisons, instant friendships – and instant ostracisation. This series of lectures shows how depression is portrayed – and may be reduced by participating – in the theatre and cinema. The various clips are from the presenter’s own plays/theatre and add context to the narrative. There is no attempt to advertise ‘upcoming performances’ either…until the interview with the young film producer (aged 17). On the one hand this was very interesting and the link to the crowd funding campaign (which closed before the course was launched so this is not subliminal selling) added a certain weight to the delivery. On the other hand, though, there were no links to a development of what the producer was talking about i.e. where is the film? Where is the campaign?

I understand why clips from major films cannot be used (copyright) and I found the references to Lady Gaga interesting. The various ways to reduce depression – and the steps the Presenter, Chris Sivewright is taking – will, I am sure, be of interest and help to educators and theatre professionals alike.

This course is totally free and should be seen as a useful contribution to reduce depression in everyone but especially the young.

Well done!