Our Promises


Over the past few years we have often advertised on sites such as Casting Call Pro and Star Now.  Unfortunately, on many occasions a high proportion of the actors applying for roles do not seem to have read the full details. Therefore when we say ‘if you live more than 30 miles away you must cover your own expenses’ and people apply from 150 miles away and get angry when we say ‘you pay for travel’ it just seems that everyone’s time is wasted. Equally, if we invite for audition and actors agree to show – and then don’t – more time is wasted. In 2013, 37 actors said they were coming for an audition so we hired an extra-large hall. Three Directors gathered to audition for six plays. That day there was rain.

Only four actors turned up.

One was offered a role and then, on the way back to Liverpool, realised how far away Oxford was and so declined!

Reversing it, on occasions ART actors apply for roles elsewhere. On so many occasions applications are not responded to. There have been times when an actor from ART has turned up for the filming, been told that expenses would be paid or ‘a copy of the film will be sent’ and months later…nothing.

The same with submission of plays. If someone sends a script to us (as a result of an advertised competition) we reply to the sender within a day. Too many times playwrights here have sent plays out and then never heard of the recipient again.

It’s all a matter of common courtesy.

With that in mind we make the following eight promises (but no blocks of stone) :


  1. When anyone writes in to us, we guarantee to reply within 48 hours. That does not mean (in the case of a script) you will get an immediate analysis – but you will be replied to. It will not be a mass mail-out either, you will be treated as an individual human being.
  2. When any actor applies for a role with us we will reply to the application within 24 hours.
  3. When anyone is due expenses, they will be paid on production of invoice, immediately.
  4. When anyone is due profits from a show, these will be paid within 24 hours of the final accounts being produced.
  5. We collaborate rather than compete with other theatres. Therefore if anyone writes to us looking for actors we will send their enquiry round to all actors involved with ART
  6. We will not make promises that are not kept. You won’t hear from us grandiose promises that ‘we’ll give feedback’ (and then we don’t) or ‘we’ll contact you’ about a part (and then we don’t).
  7. When we say all our profits go to charity, we mean it.
  8. If we crowdfund, and you invest, then we will ALWAYS give you your reward if the project goes ahead. No BUTS, no excuses. Always.