ART and Crowdfunding

In 2015 we tried our own crowdfunding. This was for the Brighton Fringe. 2015 (May) was the year of the General Election. ART produced a play Ultimate Political Selfie. First of all it reached the finals of the Lost Theatre 5 minute festival.

Ultimate Political Selfie was then expanded on and performed first in Oxford:

From Oxford it went to London – renamed The Candidate:

Subsequently it was selected by Paint Dry theatre for a London performance.

ART then decided to take the play to the Brighton Fringe Festival. To help with the costs we crowdfunded via Kickstarter. This is our crowdfunding video:

What was a pity was that a small minority of the many projects we had crowdfunded, did not help us back, not even with a £2 donation.

Nonetheless we continued to help with other projects and these are shown on the next page…