Valentine Plays – Playwriting Competition


We are seeking four outstanding 10 minute plays to be put on in Oxford in February 2015. The play must be no more than 10 minutes long and require no more than three actors.

The theme of the competition is ‘Valentine’.

 There is NO entry fee.

CLOSING DATE: 25th December 2014


The Prize

The top four plays will be performed in Oxford in mid-February 2015. You will be sent three free tickets and, of course, bask in the glare of all the associated publicity.

We are an unusual theatre company – have a look round our site:

Competition Rules & Regulations

1. Applications for the ART writing contest are open as from 1st December 2014.

2. The closing date for entries is 25th December 2014.

3. All entries must be by email to

4. Entries must be in a Word document

5. The contest is open to everyone, except those listed on the About Us page:

6. One entry per playwright is permitted.

7. Plays are to be written by a single playwright, excluding partnerships or committees.

8. Plays entered must be submitted in English. Musicals and dance pieces are not eligible

9. All plays must have a reading time of 10 minutes or less. This will be strictly enforced. If a Reader reads through the play and in the opinion of the Reader, the play is longer than 10 minutes then the play is sent to a second Reader. If this Reader also thinks the play exceeds 10 minutes then the play will be rejected.

10. All plays are judged blindly by ART staff. The playwright’s name must not be written on the title page or anywhere within the play. Instead, please include a separate page with the title of the play, playwright and contact phone number

11. All scripts must have pagination and be formatted in such a way as to be readable.

12. The play must not have been staged, read through in public or been published before.

13. We can only accommodate very basic sound/lighting.  No sets or ‘effects’. Our time will be extremely limited in regard to technical rehearsals so writers, please adhere to this.

14. Include a very short synopsis of the play and a brief writer’s bio.

15. There will be no feedback from the judges.